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Parcels to China

Does your business send parcels to China?

Helping SME's build their export market

Exporting can be a complicated business. At World Options we strive to make the process as simple as possible for all SME's whether you are new to the process or entering a new market.

Is your business following Cyber Security Best Practice

Cyber Security is about protecting your information and your business from being compromised while online. If your using the internet your are at risk of a cyber-attack.

Shipping Plan for Business – Part 2

Once you’ve answered all of the questions in part 1, you will have a clear list of your business’s shipping needs. Armed with this, you can then explore your options to create and implement an effective and efficient shipping plan that is tailor-made for your courier company

Shipping Plan for Business - Part 3

 In Part 1. we looked at the Questions you need to ask when you're planning on creating an effective shipping plan. Part - 2 showed how you can create a shipping plan.

4 common export mistakes businesses make and how to avoid them

Exporting abroad can be a challenging endeavour. There are legal forms to fill out and every border seems to have different customs - and that’s after you have to consider the practical logistics in packing up and and transporting your products overseas in the first place.

Shipping Plan for Business – Part 1

If your business uses shipping to deliver goods worldwide or across town on a regular, or semi regular basis, it is important to create a courier services shipping plan to ensure a smooth and efficient experience throughout the process.


Technology is changing the modern world, and this is becoming more evident in the world of logistics and shipping.